This page is dedicated to vocabulary surrounding introductions in Spanish.  This is one of the earliest opportunities students have for learning how to conduct basic conversations in Spanish.  This page will provide you with activities to help them master this area of Spanish level 1 or Beginner Spanish.


Introductions Video Presentation


This presentation assignment is a wonderful way to get student speaking the language! Students will create a video presentation using only Spanish.  They will feel less pressured in a video rather than having to stand in front of the whole class, and they could even be creative and use props if they wish. You could have them give you the videos or have a class viewing party!

Introductions video presentation spanish 1 beginner spanish espanol class presentations speaking


All About Me Bag Project

This project is intended for students who have already learned introductions and gustar.  It is an interesting twist on a traditional speaking presentation because students will be bringing things to school to use as part of their project.  They will be using these as visual aids as they talk about themselves in front of the class.  It also gets students writing, speaking, and practicing with the language (and even the writing process)!

spanish 1 introductions project presentation writing practice assignment vocabulary vocabulario espanol beginner level 1



Introduction Practice

This activity provides sentences commonly used in introductions in English.  Students will also receive a paper with three columns of words in Spanish.  They will cut out the Spanish words and glue them under the English sentences.  This helps them to see that sometimes, not all words will translate in the same order or even word-for-word between the two languages.  It’s a great activity for your more hands-on learners.  If you have limited classroom resources, you could skip the gluing step and just have students place the words on the lines, then reuse the papers for the next class!

Introduction vocabulary introductions saludos español spanish 1 beginner level activity cut out paste

Introduction vocabulary introductions saludos español spanish 1 beginner level activity cut out paste