This page is dedicated to everything related to Spanish clothing, or la ropa vocabulary.   You will find creative and interactive activities to assist you in creating lessons that keep your students interested and help them to obtain a deep understanding of their vocabulary terms in a fun and educational way.  Simply click on the title of the activity for an easy-to-print PDF copy of each one shown below.


Clothing Drawing Activity

Students will read the sentences in Spanish and draw a picture that demonstrates their understanding of clothing vocabulary.  It keeps them processing the information about la ropa in Spanish instead of trying to translate it back into English.

La ropa Spanish clothing activity

La tienda de ropa project

In this project, your students will be creating a storefront for a new clothing store in a Spanish-speaking country.  They will be labeling the clothing or la ropa with vocabulary words learned with this unit and creating sentences about the clothing in the store.  You could have them use their sentences as a speaking presentation where they show the class their projects.

la ropa vocabulario spanish clothing vocabulary