Beginner/ Spanish Level 1 Vocabulary
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


Welcome to the Beginner/ Spanish Level 1 Vocabulary section! Below you will find Beginner/ Spanish Level 1 resources tailored to vocabulary commonly covered in these courses.  Click on the title of each activity for an easy-to-print PDF version.

If you are looking for more detailed and specific vocabulary activities, please check the drop-down menus! There, you will find activities directly related to each topic.

Additional Resources



Family Vocabulary Practice

Student can practice matching the Spanish vocabulary word to the English counterpart.  They will also be creating their own basic family tree and labeling it with their new family vocabulary words. It provides a student-made guide for their new vocabulary which they can use as a quick reference tool throughout the course.

Family Vocabulary Practice-page0001

Practice Test

This activity combines verb conjugations and Beginner/ Spanish Level 1 vocabulary.  Great as a practice or simply as a review of key topics covered in class! It teaches the students to use their new vocabulary words in sentences with the grammar they have been covering in class.

Practice Test-page0001

Practice Test-page0002

Practice Test-page0003

Cumulative Review

Cumulative Review Part 2

These two activities are very similar and work well if you want to distribute them both in the same classroom to prevent wandering eyes among students.  If wandering eyes aren’t a problem in your classroom, these activities are also great to use on seperate days as reviews of previously covered information or as a test review assignment!

Cumulative Review-page0001

Cumulative Review Part 2-page0001

Cumulative Review Part 2-page0002