IR Verbs

Extra focus on verb conjugations is often needed when working with new students of Spanish. Conjugating verbs is an area in which many students of Spanish struggle. This page is exclusively for resources targeting IR verbs and their conjugations.  Click on the title of each activity for an easy-to-print PDF version for use in your classroom.


How to Conjugate IR Verbs

This IR verb activity is perfect for students who are in the early stages of learning about verb conjugations or for the student who is struggling to learn how to conjugate. It provides a step-by-step guide with examples, a table of possible endings, and practice activities. You could use this as you teach the class and complete it in one large group, or allow students to take it home to complete on their own after working with verbs in class. Also, this could be given to a student who is struggling with the concept and needs extra help.  They could even print this activity at home and simply return to school with it for you to check their understanding.

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List of Regular IR Verbs

Many times students struggle to find regular IR verbs that they can use in assignments or activities.  Here is a list that they can fill in and keep as a reference sheet in their notebooks or portfolios.


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