Personal Pronouns

On this page you will find easy-to-print activities for your students as they learn about Spanish personal pronouns.  There are simple explanations with charts and examples for your students to help with concept comprehension. 

We have provided explanations in English with English examples to build a foundation for what they will be covering in Spanish in the following activities.  This provides a natural progression in their learning experience and helps to create a deeper understanding of the information.  Click on the title of each assignment for a pdf version of each activity pictured below.

Personal Pronouns

This activity is perfect as an introductory to Spanish personal pronouns or simply as an added resource for students who may need additional practice with these concepts.  You could give each student a copy and discuss it as a class or direct students to this page to allow them to print/complete it at home!

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Personal Pronouns Practice Activities

This activity allows students to become famliar with Spanish personal pronouns by intruducing them to the concept of personal pronouns in English first.  It then allows them to make connections between both languages before allowing them to apply it to Spanish sentences in the final activity on the page.  This could be used as an individual assignment or in connection with the first activity about Spanish personal pronouns.

Spanish Personal Pronouns