Gustar and Similar Verbs

Gustar and Similar Verbs

Gustar Speaking Activity

This activity will get your students up out of their seats and using Spanish in conversation!


Gustar Cut and Paste Activity

This is a cut and paste activity for your students.  It will help them learn about gustar and similar verbs.  They can cut out the words in this activity and glue them onto a separate sheet of paper in sentence form.  They will write the correct forms of gustar and similar verbs in their sentences, so remind them to leave space.  We recommend having them translate their sentences into English or draw a picture to represent the meaning of their created sentences when they are finished with the activity as it will ensure they understand the vocabulary included they have used.  They can also add the accent marks to the words that they have glued into their sentences.  This will teach them about spelling and get them in the habit of proof-reading their Spanish.


gustar cut and paste activity Gustar cut and paste activity