Definite and Indefinite Articles

This page contains resources to help your students understand definite and indefinite articles.  Many student struggle with definite and indefinite articles in the early stages of Spanish language learning.  Our aim is to provide simple explanations that you can use to help your students gain proficiency with these grammar topics.

Each activity will have a title, followed by a description and picture.  For an easy-to-print PDF copy of each activity, simply click on the titles.

Definite Articles 

This definite article activity is designed to help your students learn the concepts related to this part of their Spanish grammar education. It offers them a simple explanation of how to use definite articles and also provides a simple chart that students can use as a quick reference.  You could use this to teach them about definite articles for the first time as a class, or you could give this as an individual assignment or review.  Another possibility is to give this to any of your students who are struggling or need extra help with definite articles.

Spanish definite articles el la los las the articulos en espanol spanish 1 grammar espanol


Indefinite Articles

This indefinite articles activity contains the same layout as the definite articles activity listed above.  The similar formatting allows for consistency and the opportunity to use one activity to help lay a foundation for the next in this set.  Similar to the other activity, it could be used in whole class instruction, independent learning, or as an extra help tool for students needing further practice with indefinite articles.

Spanish indefinite articles un una unos unas the articulos en espanol spanish 1 grammar espanol