AR verbs, ER verbs, IR verbs, stem-changing verbs,irregular verbs
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Welcome to the Grammar section!  The following activities focus on AR verbs, ER verbs, IR verbs, stem-changing verbs, irregular verbs , and vocabulary in various combinations.  For activities which feature each of these concepts individually, please see the drop down menu options.

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Verb Practice

This activity has AR verbs, ER verbs, IR verbs, stem-changing verbs, irregular verbs and vocabulary.  It allows students to see the verb and fill in the blanks in the sentences with the correct conjugations.

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Verb Practice and School Vocabulary

Students will practice conjugating verbs, translating basic sentences, and creating sentences of their own.

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Verb Speaking Practice

This activity is designed to get your students up and moving around the room speaking to each other in Spanish! They will be reading, listening, and writing in the language.  Once finished with the interviewing portion, they will be able to sit down to finish the activity by completing a translating section.

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Grammar and Writing Practice

Students will be conjugating verbs, creating sentences of their own, translating, and creating illustrations in this comprehensive activity! This is perfect as a test review or simply to refine their skills. It focuses on AR verbs, ER verbs, IR verbs, stem-changing verbs, irregular verbs, and vocabulary.

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Grammar and Translation Practice

Sentence creation, translating, definite articles, and using “gustar” are the focuses of this assignment.

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Practice Test

This practice test activity combines grammar and vocabulary commonly covered in Beginner Spanish and Spanish Level 1 classes.

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Cumulative Review

Cumulative Review Part 2

Both of these Cumulative Reviews are very similar.  They are desinged to be used together or seperately.  If you have a classroom where students tend to have wandering eyes, print off both activities and hand them out in a way that prevents two people sitting near each other from seeing the other’s paper.  If this is not an issue in your classroom, print them on seperate days and allow the students to use them as a test review or refresher assignment.

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Cumulative Review Part 2-page0001

Cumulative Review Part 2-page0002