Word Searches

This section is dedicated to Spanish word searches that include vocabulary typically found in Spanish level 1 or Beginner Spanish courses.  They are great end of the class activities if you find you have a little extra time to fill.  Also, they help students learn how to correctly spell target vocabulary. 

You can easily turn these into a game by allowing students to compete them individually or in teams for quickest completion of the word search.  They can also be used as a station activity if you choose to use learning stations in your classroom. 


AR ER IR Verbs Wordsearch

Students will have to conjugate all the verbs at the bottom of the page before they begin searching for them in the puzzle.  If they can’t find the word in the puzzle they know that they should re-examine their conjugation work.

Spanish verb word search spanish word search regular verb word search ar er ir verb word search


Numbers Word Search

Students will find the numbers spelled out in Spanish and also translate them.

Spanish Numbers Word Search


Months of the Year Word Search

This Spanish word search is all about the months of the year.  You could have students translate the words or simply find them in the word search.

Spanish Months of the Year Word search


Personal Pronouns Word Search

Students can find and translate the personal pronouns in this Spanish word search.

Spanish Word Search Spanish Word Searches  Spanish Personal Pronouns Word Search