Spanish Level 1

This page is dedicated to material intended for Spanish Level 1 or Beginner Spanish.

spanish level 1
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Below is a list of some of the Beginner Spanish and Spanish Level 1 resources, tools, and activities from the drop down menus in this section.  For more specific catagories, instructions for their use, and detailed descriptions, please check the drop down menus.  If you teach other Spanish levels, don’t forget to check out our resources for those levels and courses too!

Additional Resources:

Verb Practice

Easy-to-print verb practice for your Beginner Spanish or Spanish Level 1 students.

 Verb Practice-page0001

Verb Speaking Practice

This activity is designed to get your students up and moving around the room speaking Spanish and also using verbs.  It contains basic vocabulary and targets verbs usually learned early in Beginner Spanish or Spanish Level 1 classes.

 Verb Speaking Practice-page0001

 Verb Practice and School Vocabulary

Another verb practice activity.  This is best suited to Beginner Spanish or Spanish Level 1 students who have been or who are currently studying vocabulary surrounding school life.

 Verb Practice and School Vocabulary-page0001

Noun Adjective Agreement Worksheet

Easy-to-print, this is a practice activity for students working on noun-adjective agreement.  It provides simple examples and explanations along the way for your Beginner Spanish and Spanish Level 1 students.

 Noun Adjective Agreement Worksheet-page-0

Grammar and Writing Practice

This assignment is designed to give Beginner Spanish and Spanish Level 1 students further practice with grammar and writing in Spanish.

 Grammar and Writing Practice-page0001

Grammar and Writing Practice-page0002

Numbers Word Search

Great for the end of the day! Students will find the numbers spelled out in the word search and then translate what they are into English at the bottom of the page.

 Numbers Word Search-page-0

End of Course Portfolio

This is a large portfolio project designed for the end of the course.  Students will create the portfolio using all the key concepts typically covered in a Beginner Spanish or Spanish Level 1 class.

End of Course Portfolio-page0001