Virtual Classroom


This page contains useful links to sites that will help you develop your own virtual classroom.


virtual classroom



Socrative allows you to create your own tests and quizzes and then make them available on tablets or iPads for your students to take. It is a great tool because you can see how each student performs and are also able to see when they finish the test, in live time. If you are unable to be at school (sick day, training, etc) this is a great way to create a virtual classroom and ensure your students are online, doing what they should be doing. The best part? It grades the test for you! It even has a feature to allow students to see which questions they got incorrect, and options for retaking the tests.


This is similar to Facebook, but for a classroom! Gone are the days when students can try to use the excuse that they didn’t know something was due, with this virtual classroom tool, they can stay up-to-date on everything about your class.  You can use this to help students remember to turn in work on time, or even to grade the work!