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Welcome to Blue Elephant Academy! We are here to provide Spanish teachers with quality, easy-to-print Spanish classroom resources.  We are currently working on providing material for Spanish teachers for: Spanish Level 1 (Beginner Spanish), Spanish Level 2 (Beginner/Intermediate Spanish), Spanish Level 3 (Intermediate Spanish), and Spanish Level 4 (Advanced Spanish).

We are still “under construction” so once we finish loading everything into these sections, we will be adding more categories for additional Spanish classroom resources. For now, you will find Spanish classroom resources and tools for Spanish Levels 1, 2, 3, 4.  These include: Spanish vocabulary activities, Spanish verbs with practice activities, worksheets, tests, quizzes, games, interactive activities, homework assignments, and more!

Explore our sidebar and drop-down menus for an organized list of resources and tools for all of your Spanish classes and levels.

At Blue Elephant Academy, we understand the long hours teachers work to provide quality education for today’s young people.  We appreciate you and hope to make your planning and workload a little easier.  This is why all of our Spanish classroom resources are easy to access and print.  Each assignment or activity title is click-able and opens to a PDF file for your convenience.  We are trying to get as many Spanish classroom resources ready as possible for you to use in your lesson plans and/or long range plans.

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To learn more about us, or to send an e-mail about any questions, comments, or suggestions, check out our “About Blue Elephant Academy” section.  We would be happy to hear from you!

We are very glad you have found us! Please check back often as we update our site regularly.  We have plans to add many more Spanish classroom resources in the very near future!